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2008 Publication Lists

1. Dong Ho Kim , Hye-Young Kim , Tae-Jong Hwang, Won-Kyung Seong, and Won Nam Kang, " Angular dependent transport properties of MgB2 films with columnar grains, " Physica C 468, 426–431 (2008.3.1).

2. Soon-Gil Jung, N. H. Lee, W. K. Seong, W. N. Kang, Eun-Mi Choi, and Sung-Ik Lee, " Growth of MgB2 thin films by using a novel laser-assisted chemical vapor deposition technique, " Supercond. Sci. Technol. 21, 085017 (2008.8).

3. Soon-Gil Jung, W. K. Seong, N. H. Lee, Mahipal Ranot, and W. N. Kang, " Possible origin of double-peak behavior of the pinning force density in thick MgB2 films with columnar structures, " Journal of the Korean Physical Society 53, 727-731(2008.8.14).

4. W. K. Seong, J. Y. Huh, W. N. Kang, N. K. Yang, J. G. Park, Jun-Ki Chung, and Chel Jin Kim, " Growth of Epitaxial MgB2 Thick Films with Columnar Grains by Using Hybrid Physical-Chemical Vapor Deposition, " Journal of the Korean Physical Society 53, 1057-1060 (2008.8.14).

5. T.G. Lee, S.W. Park, W.K. Seong, J.Y. Huh, S.-G. Jung, B.K. Lee, K.-S. An, and W.N. Kang, " Growth of MgB2 Thin Films on Alumina-Buffered Si Substrates by using Hybrid Physical-Chemical Vapor Deposition Method, " Physica C 468, 1888-1891 (2008.9.15).

6. W.K. Seong and W.N. Kang, " Superconductivity of Epitaxial MgB2 Thick Films and MgB2 Nanowires Grown by Hybrid Physical-Chemical Vapor Deposition, " Physica C 468, 1884-1887 (2008.9.15).

7. J.H. Lim, K.T. Kim, E.C. Park, C.M. Lee, J.H. Shim, J. Joo, W.N. Kang, and C. Kim, " Effect of carbon black doping on the microstructure and critical properties of MgB2 superconductor, " Physica C 468, 1379–1382 (2008.9.15).

8. J.H. Lim, S.H. Jang, S.M. Hwang, J.H. Choi, J. Joo, W.N. Kang, and C. Kim, " Effects of the sintering temperature and doping of C60 and SiC on the critical properties of MgB2, " Physica C 468, 1829–1832 (2008.9.15).