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2010 Publication Lists

1. Jae-Yeap Lee, Hu-Jong Lee, Myung-Hwa Jung, Sung-Ik Lee, Eun-Mi Choi, and W. N. Kang, " Magnetic instability of MgB2 thin film triggered by the various sweeping rates of an applied magnetic field ", Journal of Applied Physics 107, 013902 (2010.1).

2. Jae-Yeap LEE, Hyun-Sook LEE, Hu-Jong LEE, Eun-Mi CHOI, Won-Nam KANG, and Sung-Ik LEE, " Microscopic Study of Dendritic Avalanches in MgB2 Thin Films of Various Widths ", J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 79, 044712 (2010.4).

3. Nam Hoon Lee, Son-Gil Jung, Dong Ho Kim, and Won Nam Kang, " Potassium-doped BaFe2As2 superconducting thin film with a transition temperature of 40 K ", Applied Physics Letters 96, 202505 (2010.5).

4. Chang Min Lee, Soo Min Hwang, Kisoo Sung, Seung Muk Lee, Jinho Joo, Won Nam Kang, Jun Hyung Lim, Chan-Joong Kim, Yeung Soon Park, and Dong Ho Kim, " Enhanced Magnetic Property of MgB2 Wire Using Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin", IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 20, 1593 (2010.6).

5. Jae-Yeap Lee, Hu-Jong Lee, Myung-Hwa Jung, Sung-Ik Lee, Eun-Mi Choi, and W. N. Kang, " Saw-tooth pattern from flux jumps observed by high resolution M-H curves in MgB2 thin films", Journal of Applied Physics 108, 033909 (2010.8).

6. W. K. Seong, W. N. Kang, S. J. Oh, J. K. Jung, C. J. Kim, J. Joo, " Superconducting property of single-crystal like MgB2 thin film ", Physica C 470, 1465 (2010.11).

7. C. M. Lee, S. M. Lee, G. C. Park, J. Joo, J. H. Lim, W. N. Kang, J. H. Yi, B. -H. Jun, C. -J. Kim, " Investigation of lauric acid dopant as a novel carbon source in MgB2 wire ", Physica C 470, 1438 (2010.11).

8. Soon-Gil Jung, N.H. Lee, Eun-Mi Choi, W.N. Kang, Sung-Ik Lee, Tae-Jong Hwang, D.H. Kim, " Fabrication of FeSe1−x superconducting films with bulk properties ", Physica C 470, 1977 (2010.12).

9. Soon-Gil Jung, Eun-Mi Choi, N.H. Lee, Young-Seung Kwon, W.N. Kang, D.H. Kim, Myung-Hwa Jung, Sung-Ik Lee, Liling Sun, " Fabrication of cobalt-doped SrFe2As2 superconducting thin films ", Physica C 470, S511 (2010.12).

10. M. Ranot, Soon-Gil Jung, W.K. Seong, N.H. Lee, W.N. Kang, J. Joo, C.-J. Kim, B.-H. Jun, S. Oh, " Fabrication of SiC-doped MgB2 coated conductors by a simple process ", Physica C 470, S1000 (2010.12).

11. S.M. Hwang, C.M. Lee, S.M. Lee, K. Sung, J. Joo, J.H. Lim, W.N. Kang, C.-J. Kim, " Study on the improved Jc(B) performance of polyacrylic acid-doped MgB2 bulks ", Physica C 470, S1032 (2010.12).

12. G.C. Park, S.M. Hwang, C.M. Lee, J.H. Choi, J. Joo, J.H. Lim, W.N. Kang, C.-J. Kim, " Improvement of high-field Jc of MgB2 wires by polymethyl-methacrylate doping ", Physica C 470, S1034 (2010.12).

13. Sung-Hak Hong, Soon-Gul Lee, Won Kyung Seong, Won Nam Kang, " Fabrication of MgB2 nanobridge dc SQUIDs by focused ion beam ", Physica C 470, S1036 (2010.12).

14. Sung-Hak Hong, Soon-Gul Lee, Won Kyung Seong, Won Nam Kang, " Properties of strong-coupled MgB2 nanobridges fabricated by focused ion beam ", Physica C 470, S1038 (2010.12).

15. Soo Min Hwang, Chang Min Lee, Won Kim, Geun Chul Park, Jinho Joo, Jun Hyung Lim, Won Nam Kang, Yeung Soon Park, and Dong Ho Kim," Improvement of the critical current density and upper critical field in C-doped MgB2 wire using cellulose acetate ", Met. Mater. Int. 16, 1029 (2010.12).

16. Seong Gu Kang, Sung Chang Park, Jun-Ki Chung, Nam Hoon Lee, Won Nam Kang, Kyu Jeong Song, Tae-Keun Lee, Cheol Jin Kim, " Microstructural Analysis of Core-Shell Structured MgB2 Superconducting Fibers Fabricated By Hybrid Physical Chemical Vapor Deposition ", Surface Review and Letters 17, 289 (2010.6).